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Topline Research Solutions evaluates brand relevance

TOPLINE Research Solutions has launched the first ever Zimbabwe Best Township Brands first quarter report to gauge brand relevance and identify opportunities.

According to the report, the best bread brand in townships is Bakers Inn mainly because it tastes good even without spread and it is always fresh when purchased according to respondents.

The best cereal brand in townships is Cerevita for its delicious taste while Carling Black Label is the best clear beer brand in townships.

Zimgold is the best cooking oil brand in townships mainly because it lasts longer while the best dairy brand in townships is Dairibord Holdings.

The best flour brand in townships is Gloria Self Raising Flour while Red Seal roller meal is the best maize meal brand in townships.

According to the survey report, the best fast-food brand in townships according to the survey is Chicken Inn while Econet is the best mobile network brand in townships for its reliable connectivity.

Pfuko is the best mahewu brand in townships because it is tasty while Mama’s peanut butter is the best peanut butter brand in townships for its smooth texture.

MAQ, Ma-Hat-Ma and Red Seal salt were measured as the best washing powder brand, rice brand and salt brand in that order.

Farai was assessed as the best sanitary pads brand in townships while Sona was measured as the best bathing soap brand in townships for its affordability.

Lays were assessed as the best snacks brand in townships.

The best sugar brand in townships was Huletts according to the report while Colgate was assessed as the best toothpaste brand in townships for being a trusted brand and whitening teeth.

Steward Bank was assessed as the best bank brand in townships for mostly easy access through mobile banking.

Nyaradzo was gauged as the best funeral insurance brand in townships for affordable premiums, reliable services and various packages.

Texas meat market was assessed as the best meat shop brand in townships for its affordable prices.

Premier Service Medical Aid Society was assessed as the best medical aid brand in townships for its affordable premiums.

OK Zimbabwe was gauged as the best supermarket brand in townships for its good customer care, fast service and proximity to consumers.

Topline Research Solutions expects to launch the second quarter report in July.