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SA based cosmetic firm to empower Zimbabweans

THE perfume market is a billion dollar market, which many people have not really considered tapping into.

Gabriella Lavigne Cosmetics’ range of product include perfumes, eyeshadow palettes, differing and exciting shades of lipstains, waterproof eyebrow pens, highlighters, hand lotions, eye lashes and shower gels.

According to the latest report titled: “Perfume Market: Global Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast 2021-2026”, the global perfume market reached a value of US$32,8 billion in 2020.

In South Africa alone 2,5 million perfumes are said to be sold every month. Fragrance is an incredibly personal form of communication, no elegance is possible without perfume, and it is the unseen, unforgettable and ultimate accessory of fashion that heralds your arrival.

Local businesswoman, Blessing Muzvongi — the first woman to be given sole distributorship for Avon in 2002 — said the global perfume market was gaining traction owing to the rising trend of personal grooming along with the increasing demand for youth-oriented as well as exotic fragrances.
Moreover, the product diversification by manufacturers is attracting a larger consumer-base.

Under Muzvongi’s leadership, Avon went on to be distributed in most departmental shops across Zimbabwe and did well.
Today Avon has remained a household brand in Zimbabwe due to her efforts in marketing the brand.

Muzvongi recently launched a new brand called Gabriella Lavigne Cosmetics with her partners in South Africa where the company is headquartered.
In Zimbabwe, it is housed at a central place along Jason Moyo in the capital Harare.
The brand which is competing on the international market includes perfumes, eyeshadow palettes, differing and exciting shades of lipstains, waterproof eyebrow pens, highlighters, hand lotions, eye lashes and shower gels.

The new product which was featured in Bona Magazine in South Africa is also being distributed in upmarket malls like Mall of Africa and selected pharmacies.
The brand has since hit the market in Zambia, Botswana and Namibia, showing it is a brand of repute.

“When I was away from Zimbabwe I was driven by a passion to see women becoming financially independent, and learnt a concept that will see people willing to work hard with Gabriella Lavigne Cosmetics to distribute their range of products earning between US$500 and US$4000 per month,” she said.

She said challenges caused by the covid-19 pandemic drove her to come up with the concept which she feels would result in some Zimbabweans earning meaningful revenue and eradicating poverty.

“The company has started off with a car competition which began running on June 1, 2021. After eight months the best sellers will walk away with a Honda Fit (new shape). We have also adopted the OK grand challenge concept where frequent buyers of Gabriella Lavigne products will win cars at some stage,” Muzvongi said.

She went on to say that with Gabriella Lavigne Cosmetics the sky was the limit as there are no qualifications required except the zeal and passion to change one’s life, stay focused and work hard. For those looking for an opportunity this is an initiative worth grabbing. Gabriella Lavigne offers people across various cultures the opportunity to free themselves financially.

“Covid-19 brought about the reality that relying on one source of income was a major risk the key to building financial freedom is creating multiple sources of income,” she added. “In fact, the average millionaire has seven sources of income. When you have multiple streams of income, basically, you are not putting all of your eggs in one basket. So, if you were to lose your job or one source is not generating enough, you have other income flowing in to prevent financial problems while smelling nice,” Muzvongi said.

Muzvongi says the fragrances one wears is indicative of their personality, adds another layer of sophistication and authority and tells the world what you are all about.
No matter how confident the handshake is, the message of a businessperson’s fragrance can be stronger than their grip. A fragrance is an invisible message from the wearer to the world at large.

With the financial problems that many people are facing due to Covid -19, she says this is an excellent opportunity for those willing to seize the opportunity.
It is rare to find business opportunities that do not require capital at the same time offering lucrative income. Looking at this model of business; lives are about to change.
“Other factors propelling the demand for perfumes worldwide are rapid urbanisation, increasing population and aggressive advertising by the manufacturers. Perfumes signify a person’s style, individuality and personality and a good scent can influence mood, behaviour, perception, emotions and human thoughts,” she said.