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Mariah Carey defends tell-all memoir after brother sues her for defamation

Singer Mariah Carey defended her tell-all memoir amid claims that she defamed her brother by portraying him as a violent person.

The pop-star’s brother Morgan Carey had sued his younger sister in March with the claim that her book The Meaning of Mariah Carey gave a false impression of him during his time with his sister.

Papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court revealed that the Always Be My Baby hit maker argued with the notion that the book was about her personal struggles in her life which to her was a matter of public interest.

She insisted that her story was of public interest due to her level of fame as well as the fact that she wanted it to serve as a source of inspiration to the younger generation.

“The story of Ms. Carey’s rise from a dysfunctional and sometimes violent family environment has significant public value, particularly to any young person who may find her/himself stuck in similarly harsh and dispiriting circumstances and who can benefit from the inspiration to employ their talents in pursuit of their dreams,” court papers filed by the singer’s lawyers argue. –