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‘Don’t be afraid to take risks or fail’

FOR Maxine Adams of the popular brand “Christian by Hadassah” success takes hard work and dedication, but perhaps more than anything, it takes passion. You need to believe in what you are doing if you are to own it.

Without saying it verbally one can tell that she is convinced that about half of what separates successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance and that at times in order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.

Maxine Adams “Don’t be afraid to take that risk because it might just be the one that will have you walking on the path that you want to walk on”

A vision is something you see and others do not. Some people would say that is a pocket definition of lunacy. But it also defines entrepreneurial spirit.

“What really inspired me to take the entrepreneurship route was the dream to have something of my own especially on cosmetics and fashion because I have a passion for both,” Adams said in an interview.

She said growing up she was one person who always wanted to explore different projects and believed that something good will materialise one day even if it was as risky as starting a business on cosmetics that involves people’s skins and appearance.

“I still went for it because I was so drowned in wanting to make a name for myself and also to enrich women empowerment and I had faith that I was going to make it…I started the cosmetics business four years ago and the handbag business two years ago. Amazingly the profits I made from the cosmetics are what I used to start the handbag business,” she said.

Maxine said she jotted everything down after a few researches on what women are really interested in when it comes to cosmetics and also since she loves being different she thought she should bring in unique designs of handbags on the market.

“From there I went to on to find suppliers and distributors and before I knew it business was moving. Our target market are the young ladies who love doing their own make up, make-up artists who help other people with their make-up and every woman who loves fashion. We are hoping to grow from that and expand the business worldwide,” she said.

Her drive summed up the famous quote – ‘Ideas are cheap. Ideas are easy. Ideas are common. Everybody has ideas. Ideas are highly, highly overvalued. Execution is all that matters.’

“To be honest Covid-19 affected the business vehemently. Factories were shut down in China and since it is our source of supply we could not get most products we had run out of and we could not do anything about it but to just wait for them to open. That led to the stagnation of the business and loss of customers since we could not provide most of the products they needed,” she said.

“Also shops were closed and movement was limited and because of everyone’s safety we had to retreat even from doing deliveries so that we do not interact with many people. Since the virus is highly contagious, as a company we felt that it was right to adhere to the rules and take part in stopping the spreading of the virus so it really affected the business in all aspects. But now that things are looking up we will try our best to get back in track and get the business blooming again,” she added.

She said advice to those who want to take the entrepreneurship route was if you are not willing to have sleepless nights and many fails before that big win then you are not ready.

“Don’t be afraid to take that risk because it might just be the one that will have you walking on the path that you want to walk on,” she said.